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1. Our Wood Types

Ash has a creamy light colour but the heart if the wood can go darker olive-brown. Hardy and fast growing, ash prospers under most conditions. Chunky in appearance, ash has the same heat/burning ratio than oak but produces a beautiful steady flame with very little sparks and is therefore popular wood stove  or Pizza ovens.







Beech trees are renowned for their smooth grey bark and their straight and tall slightly fluted column-like trunks. Found primarily in northeast Europe, America and Canada, beech is a heavy, pale-coloured medium-to-hard wood which has a fine, tight grain and large medullar rays similar in appearance to maple or birch woods. White in appearance and a softness to touch, beech produces a beautiful flame and is excellent firewood. It is easily split and burns for many hours with a bright but calm flame. It produces plenty of hot coals which produce a high, long-lasting heat density.




(c) Compressed logs

What Are Compressed  wood Logs?
majority of these are imported from various countries around the world, many are made from softwood , however we prefer to use hardwood producing a better quality and longer burning log. These wood logs are manufactured from clean, Dry Sawdust & wood shavings, which are mechanically compressed to formulate the log, the raw material is subjected to high pressure and the natural resins to soften allowing them to flow, which bind together to form solid wood concentration, because the excess moisture inhibits this process the raw materials must  carefully be dried prior to manufacture, the lack of moisture in the finished product leads to a very dense highly bond log with extremely good burning character.

Why Wood Ireland Compressed logs?

  • Our Logs are manufactured using no chemicals or additives.
  • We manufacture here in Ireland so reducing transport costs and supporting Irish Business From an environmental perspective our logs use waste material which would normally go to landfill or burn in a uncontrolled manner, they also reduce the need to fell trees
  • 2-3 times more heat energy contained in our logs than a piece of ordinary firewood of equivalent mass
  • Our Logs have been tested & endorsed by Several Irish, UK & European Stove manufacturers, Charwood, stovax, Barbas, Nestor Martin and are approved for use on there appliances

Benefits of Our Logs?

  • Convenient, easy to store (They must be stored dry to ensure they hold shape)
  • They burn to less than 1% Ash, the ash can be used a fertilizer.
  • Contaminate free.
  • Less than 12% moisture, more heat on a weight per weight basis than natural firewood, less moisture equals less tar build up, less corrosion on your stove.
  • Not affected by carbon tax, as they are a renewable energy fuel
  • They are uniform in size, resulting in a more even burn.
  • Our product is suitable for burning in Solid Fuel/Wood burning stove & open fires. 

Do You deliver nationwide?
Yes we delivery to both Southern & Northern Ireland. We use a well established freight distribution company The Pallet Network.   

What Are Delivery Times?
We aim to dispatch all orders within 48hours if goods are in stock. You can choose a day for delivery just add note with your order.  Your orders may be split up due to parcel sizes. All Orders are delivered Monday-Friday Between 9am-5pm. The courier will arrange delivery times

Does driver store the logs?
No. The driver will make every effort to drop the pallet in desired location. Please view our video & delivery Terms for Further details

How are orders processed?
You can create an account online. Add products to your shopping cart. You then choose your Delivery Method. Once you have chosen delivery Method you will be directed to payments method. You can choose to pay using All Major Credit & Debit Cards & PAYPAL

Can I order over the phone?
Yes, you can call Richie  Woodireland on 085 8893605.

What payment methods can I use?
You can pay Using all major Credit & Debit Cards. PAYPAL.

Can I delivery to different address?

Can I cancel my order?
If your order has not been dispatched yes and a full refund will be issued. If your order has been dispatched you can still cancel your order you must pay transport costs.

Do you have a store?
No. We stock all goods at our central distribution center. 

Do you have nationwide stockists?
Yes please go to stockists section on our web site.